TRUCLEAR Simulator

The TRUCLEAR Simulator is a highly-realistic, hands-on simulator designed to improve training for gynecologists who perform TRUCLEAR procedures, an operative hysteroscopy to remove intrauterine abnormalities.

Utilizing an actual TRUCLEAR Hysteroscope adapted for virtual reality, the simulator provides a complete simulation of diagnostic and operative hysteroscopy, while facilitating familiarization with instruments. Additionally, you will experience:

  • A series of cases, with rising difficulty and various complications
  • The opportunity to experience the handpiece, footswitch usage, and simulated wall suction control
  • Fluid management training through the virtual pump interface
  • Objective performance feedback scores and reports upon completion of the procedure

Contact your local sales representative to experience the TRUCLEAR Simulator.

"Since patient outcomes are the most important part of any procedure, it is an incredible opportunity for gynecologists to perfect their technique prior to ever touching a patient."
Dr. Larry Glazerman,
Clinical Associate Professor at Thomas Jefferson University