System Setup Guide

Explore the TRUCLEAR system components and the quick and easy set up.

Take a tour of the Smith & Nephew Hysteroscopic Fluid Management system and learn how to make set up quick and easy.

Simplify canister set up with this easy map of the Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System connections.

Experience the simple 5 step process required to activate the system.

Discover the advantages of the pathology optimized devices for procedural efficiency and effectiveness.

Learn how the window lock steps optimizes your procedural experience.

Experience the TRUCLEAR set up with a pressurized saline bag in lieu of a HFMS system for operative procedures.
Explore your role in setting up the TRUCLEAR & HFMS systems for safe, efficient and effective operative procedures.
Review how to set up the Smith & Nephew HFMS for diagnostic procedures.

Get started quickly with this step-by-step system setup instructions of the TRUCLEAR and Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System.