U.S. Reimbursement Policies for Operative Hysteroscopy Procedure

Operative Hysteroscopy is paid for by Medicare and private payors provided the service meets all of the coverage and payment requirements established by the individual payor.

In addition, it is critical that claims for payment be coded appropriately and be supported with adequate documentation in the medical record. It always is advisable to contact your local Medicare contractors and other payors to verify their coverage and payment rules regarding Operative Hysteroscopy and to determine if the payor has any special coding or documentation requirements you are expected to follow.

View the Medicare Coding and Payment Reference Sheet and visit for additional guidelines and coding information. 

For outpatient reimbursement questions, contact Reimbursement Services at 1.888.711.9903.

For office reimbursement questions, contact Office Reimbursement at 1.888.711.9903 and specify that you would like to speak with an office reimbursement specialist.