TRUCLEAR Tissue Removal Devices

The TRUCLEAR Tissue Removal Devices may help reduce the tissue removal struggle involved in your current procedures.  Simultaneous tissue cutting and aspiration may reduce the procedure time and steps required, while the window-lock feature minimizes fluid deficit.  One study showed that the mechanical resection method reduces average operating time by half.*

* Emanuel MH, Wamsteker K. “The Intra Uterine Morcellator: A new hysteroscopic operating technique to remove intrauterine polyps and myomas”, J Minim Invasive Gyn. 2005 Jan-Feb; 12(1):62-6


  • 4.0 mm OD
  • Close cutting edge resects pathology down to base
  • 7 mm cutting window
  • Distal marking of .5 cm increments ideal for blade orientation


  • 4.0 mm OD
  • 10 mm cutting window
  • 357 bites per minute at 2,500 rpm


  • 2.9 mm OD
  • Close cutting edge resects pathology down to base
  • Proximal marking indicates blade has reached distal end of scope
  • Distal marking ideal for blade orientation
  • 357 mm working length



    Ref Description
    7209509 TRUCLEAR INCISOR Plus Device
    72202536 TRUCLEAR INCISOR Device
    72203012 TRUCLEAR ULTRA Plus Device
    "I love the technology.  This is the first time that technology has come along that makes a profound difference, which really revolutionizes hysteroscopy."
    Dr. Jay Nemiro,
    Arizona Center for Fertility Studies