TRUCLEAR 8.0 Hysteroscope Set

The TRUCLEAR Operative Hysteroscope Set optimizes fluid flow and visualization when used with the TRUCLEAR Hysteroscopic Morcellator.  The 100% continuous flow enables controlled, precise and thorough procedures.  The set is autoclave only.

This set includes the TRUCLEAR Operative Hysteroscope 8.0, TRUCLEAR Sheath 9.0, TRUCLEAR Obturator and the TRUCLEAR Calibration Insert 4.0.


TRUCLEAR Operative Hysteroscope 8.0

  • Rigid hysteroscope with straight-through D-shaped working channel
  • Rod-lens optics (3.5 mm) designed to provide optimal visualization
  • 8 mm, 24 Fr, 0° hysteroscope

TRUCLEAR Sheath 9.0

  • Enables uninterrupted continuous flow and optimized visualization
  • 9 mm, 27 Fr; 169 mm working length

TRUCLEAR Obturator

  • Use to facilitate introduction of the sheath into the uterine cavity
  • Anatomically designed distal end

TRUCLEAR Calibration Insert 4.0

  • Reusable insert used to ensure intrauterine pressure and flow is maintained when tissue removal device is in use
Ref Description
72202707 TRUCLEAR 8.0 Hysteroscope Set
72202707 TRUCLEAR 8.0 Hysteroscope Set
Set Includes:
7209208 TRUCLEAR Operative Hysteroscope 8.0
7209383 Operative Hysteroscope Sheath 9.0
7209384 Operative Hysteroscope Obturator
72203606 TRUCLEAR Calibration Insert 4.0
"The operative port allows for the introduction of rigid scissors for septal resection; TRUCLEAR tissue removal devices for removal of polyps, fibroids, or to perform curettage; and tubal catheterization for the evaluation and treatment of proximal tubal occlusion in conjunction with the use of the C arm." 
Dr. Daniel B. Williams,
Houston Fertility Institute,
Houston, TX