TRUCLEAR 5C Hysteroscope Set

Smaller-sized TRUCLEAR 5C System brings a gentle, effective and efficient approach to myomectomy and polypectomy procedures in the office or operating room.  As this instrumentation is the smallest available today, our 5 mm scope and 5.7 mm sheath requires little to no dilation.  Our longer scope and blade means access to the entire uterus, including the cornua and fundal wall.


When compared with the competition


TRUCLEAR Operative Hysteroscope 5C

  • Rigid hysteroscope with straight-through D-shaped working channel
  • Optics (0.8 mm) designed to provide brilliant visualization
  • 5 mm, 15 Fr, 0o hysteroscope


  • Enables uninterrupted continuous flow and optimized visualization
  • 5.7 mm, 17 Fr; 205 mm working length

TRUCLEAR Calibration Insert 2.9

  • Reusable insert used to ensure intrauterine pressure and flow is maintained when tissue removal device is in use


Ref Description
72203554 TRUCLEAR 5C Hysteroscope Set
72203554 TRUCLEAR 5C Hysteroscope Set
Set Includes:
72203506 TRUCLEAR Calibration Insert 2.9
722024752 TRUCLEAR Hysteroscope 5C
722024753 TRUCLEAR Sheath 5C
"Finally, to see and safely treat intrauterine polyps with an office procedure has become a real possibility.”
Dr. Pere Brescó,
Hospital d'Igualada