Service Parts

Ref Description
Hysteroscopic Fluid Management Parts
81010909 Wire Ring Canisters
90500864 Bolt, M10, Display/Scale Pole
90500863 Washer, M10, Display/Scale Pole
TRUCLEAR Hysteroscope Parts
7207900 Storz™ Light Post Adapter
4347 Smith & Nephew/Wolfe™ Light Post Adaptor
90501584 Sheath O-Ring (for use with TRUCLEAR sheath 9.0)
90504964 Sheath O-Ring (for use with TRUCLEAR sheath 5.6)
7205561 Hysteroscope Seal Caps, Box of 5
72203618 TRUCLEAR Universal Hysteroscope Stopcock Replacement Set
72204861 Stopcock Lubricant

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