Unlike other treatment options that use a high-frequency electric current, the TRUCLEAR System uses a simple mechanical approach to remove intrauterine tissue. Therefore there is no scarring from thermal energy or energy discharge.  Also, no bubbles or electrical energy in the uterus reduces the risk of air or gas emboli, reduces the risk of patient harm.

Clear operative field

  • Continuous hysteroscopic outflow and suction helps maintain clear operative field

  • No tissue floating within the uterine cavity

Safe, gentle resection

  • Simple, mechanical design eliminates the risk of energy discharge-induced scarring and reduces the risk of air or gas emboli

  • Localized treatment minimizes endometrial damage, which may help preserve the chances of pregnancy

  • Proprietary suction control optimizes system fluid flow, intrauterine pressure and device capability

Efficient procedure

  • Continuous cutting and tissue removal means only a single insertion is necessary

  • Single insertion means fewer procedural steps

Effective pathology removal

  • Targeted pathology removal under continuous visualization ensures efficient cut and capture

  • Tissue capture allows evaluation of entire pathology


The TRUCLEAR Hysteroscopic Tissue Removal System includes the Control Unit, Handpiece and Footswitch.

Ref Description
72202709 TRUCLEAR System
72202709 TRUCLEAR System
System Includes:
7209808 TRUCLEAR Control Unit
7209807 TRUCLEAR Handpiece
7209820 TRUCLEAR Footswitch
"The new TRUCLEAR Control Unit has brought the TRUCLEAR System to a whole new level. Due to the high speed available, I was able to remove a 2 cm fibroid in less than 3 minutes of resection time."
Dr. Charles Miller,
The Advanced Gynaecology Surgery Institute