Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System

With a high flow rate and quick response time, the Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System offers an elegant and integrated solution for your intrauterine procedures. The high flow rate capability optimizes visualization within the uterine cavity while maintaining the desired intrauterine pressure throughout the procedure. Reduce the risk of fluid overload as our scale continuously monitors fluid deficit for accurate measurements.*

The Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System can be used with a variety of diagnostic hysteroscopes and hysteroscopic procedures as it can be used with both isotonic and non-isotonic solutions.

* The accuracy of the fluid deficit monitoring function is ± 3%.

High flow rate

  • High flow rate allows pressure to be maintained at the desired level throughout the procedure
  • Maximum flow rate of 700 ml/min
  • Four 5-liter bag capability

High-speed response

  • Proprietary software allows agile response to intrauterine changes

Controlled suction

  • Provides suction flexibility in order to maintain clear visualization

Reliable warning systems

  • Enhanced* safety with audible alarms indicating: Over pressure, Perforation and Intravasation


    *Compared to the competition

    Ref Description
    72202720 Hysteroscopic Fluid Management System
    System Includes:
    7210164 Fluid Management System Control Unit
    7210165 Fluid Management System Stand
    7210166 Roller Base
    72203420 Vacuum Regulator
    72202710 US Country Kit
    "Because operative hysteroscopy requires precise inflow and outflow measurement to ensure patient safety, accuracy and precision are key in fluid management; and that’s what I've found in Smith & Nephew's Fluid Management System."
    Dr. Robert Gustofson,
    Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine