Ref Description
7211067 Calibration Insert 4.0
72203004 Gynecology Instrument Tray
72203303 Vacuum Pump
7209827 Hysteroscopic Procedure Kit (includes inflow tube set, outflow tube set, 4 jumpers, bemis tissue trap)
7209822 Hysteroscopic Inflow Tube Set, Box of 10
72200869 Y-Adaptor, Inflow Tube Set, Box of 10
7209823 Hysteroscopic Outflow Tube Set, Box of 5
72200024 3000 cc Hi-Flow Canisters, Box of 36
72203304 Suction Pump (Germany)
72203305 Suction Pump (Italy, Spain, Netherlands)
"The TRUCLEAR Hysteroscopic Morcellator has revolutionized hysteroscopic polypectomies and myomectomies.  The visualization is outstanding and I have been able to dramatically shorten my procedure time."
Andrew Leach,
Women’s Healthcare Associates